Innie minnie

On vacation at Saratoga racecourse today. Not doing too well until the 6th race, which consisted of 9 fillies who’d never raced before. For some reason everyone was piling bets onto filly #6, who as far as I could tell had no better chance than any other horse. That left 4 other fillies with very long odds–unjustifiably long, I thought–so I bet $2 on each of them.

I came back from the betting window with 4 tickets, one for each longshot. CJ protested that she hadn’t had a chance to choose her own horse. “Here,” I said, fanning the tickets in front of her. “Pick one. They’re all the same to me.” “Innie minnie…” she began, and finally landed on filly #2.

Who won, in a photo finish, and paid out $54.

“Dinner’s on you,” mommy told CJ.

When I apply for father of the year, I’m leaving this story out.

Cassie sketching

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