Chubby unicorns

My mother died with a closet full of unused toys. Evidently she’d bought them to share with her grandchildren, and then forgot to get them out again. She forgot a lot of things in her last few years.

It’s sad that she didn’t see her grandchildren play with them while she was alive. But now they are like a gift from beyond the grave.

I recognized a few from my childhood, but most I didn’t recognize at all. Like this one.


It’s a unicorn, can you tell? I couldn’t at first. Every other unicorn I’ve seen in my entire life has been sleek and muscular. This one is definitely cast against type.

The crazy thing is that CJ already has one. A neighbor boy outgrew it and gave it to her. He’d already named it: Chubby Unicorn.

When I brought home Chubby’s twin, CJ couldn’t wait to introduce them. She covered Chubby I’s eyes and brought Chubby II into her bedroom. The homecoming was ecstatic.


I thought of calling my Mom to tell her. But of course there’s no one to call.

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