Losing It

When I picked CJ up yesterday, she had misplaced a stuffed dog that she’d brought to school that morning. She was very upset. While carrying her to the car, I said, “Do you know who loses things all the time?”

“Who?” she said.

“Me!” I said. “Like right now I have no idea where my watch is.”

“Yes you do,” CJ said. “It’s on your wrist.”

I pulled up my sleeve. My wrist was bare. “I’m always mislaying it,” I said. “Not to mention my wallet, my keys, my phone. Last week I was missing my wedding ring for three days. And I have two wedding rings, just in case — I couldn’t find either one.”

I was planning to deliver the one life lesson I think I have to offer on the subject — which is that you can stay calm and get on with your day even when something is lost.

But CJ was crying too hard to listen. I don’t think it helped her to hear that her daddy loses things.

It probably doesn’t help me to tell you, either.

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