Yum Yum Donuts

Say what you will about Los Angeles, it’s a great donut town. While everyplace else has been overrun by Dunkin … More

The Sad Potty Book

Do you know this book? My mother sent it to me maybe 10 years ago. “Why is mom sending me … More

What Moms Can’t Do

I found the book What Moms Can’t Do on CJ’s grandma’s shelf.CJ loved it, especially these two pages, which she … More

The Rodeway Inn

$150 will get you a pretty nice room in a lot of places, but not in Los Angeles. I guess … More

Photo op

It’s very pleasant in Santa Barbara. Even the dragons are chill.

Time Zones

The subject of time zones came up when I took CJ to Los Angeles. “Why do I have to go … More