New words for daddy

CJ started in Spanish-language preschool this week. I chose it carefully because I want her to start learning a foreign language well before I did (in middle school). I like everything about the idea, except the part where she’s seven and I can’t understand what she’s saying to her friends. So I decided to up my game.

I spent a couple of days looking for a Spanish-language television show that I could watch, ideally with closed captions so I could read the dialogue.

The shows were more familiar than I expected. Mexican TV has a remake of “Ugly Betty,” which itself was a remake of a Colombian hit from the early 2000s. I ended up settling on “Devious Maids,” which is a Lifetime remake of a Mexican show. Lifetime is releasing each episode in both English and Spanish (dubbed) to try to pull in the growing Latino audience.

There’s a baby on the show, so there’s a lot of vocabulary that’s great for someone with a three-year-old. The first new word I learned was pastel (cake).

The second new word came up in a scene where two women were yelling at each other. It was ramera. I looked it up. It means hooker. Remind me not to use that at CJ’s preschool.

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